I'm the happiest one in the world as Dr Mohamed Tag eldeen has performed Gastric bypass surgery for me.
I have lost 35 kilos in 4 months also my health has improved as all....Thank you Dr Mohamed,God bless you.

Hanan Nona

I Feel that I am newbie My whole life is changed just by Dr Mohamed Tag's Laparoscopic Gastric sleeve surgery
I can guarantee Dr Mohamed's honesty, accuracy ..
The best Doctor in Egypt and the Arab world.

Shimaa Twaliba alaam

No words can be enough to Thank Dr Mohamed Tag for his huge efforts
Thank you lovely Hadeel who persuaded me to do the surgery
Thanks for the anaesthesia and nursing team
Its about months now from the surgery date and I have lost 18 kilos
Their medical care during the surgery and after it still till Today
Dr Mohamed always follows up and solves any problem while smiling and calming me down.
God bless you Dr Mohamed Thank You.


I am from suiz and first I want to thank Dr Mohamed Tag eldeen for his morals , Dr Mohamed always answers my phone calls when i have any question
I have done gastric bypass and gasterectomy surgeries i lost 35 Kilos in 4 months and still...
Thank you Dr Mohamed
I also want to thank each member in El-Yassmin hospital for their huge efforts and cleanliness

Ahmed mohamed

I have done laparoscopic gastric sleeve by Dr Mohamed Tag eldeen
And Thank God I have lost nore than 35 kilos in 3 months Thanks for Dr Mohamed Tag eldeen's effort...
wish you more success Doctor :)

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