Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is performed through 4/5 gastric size dissection and cut which is equal 80 % of gastric size and 1/5 of its size (20 %) left. Therefore...

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Gastric bypass surgeries

In Gastric bypass operations , a pouch in the upper of stomach is performed longer than traditional gastric bypass that pouch performs the same job o...

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Gastric balloon

If you are an obese patient and your increase in weight than the ideal is less than 30 kg or your body mass index (BMI= (weight/height in meter))2 is ...

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Redo bariatric surgeries

Some obese patients who choose to make a bariatric surgery and underwent it, their cases require a redo bariatric surgery for the following reasons: ...

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SASI bypass

SASI...a new jump in bariatric surgeries and is considered one of the most updated techniques in treating obesity and diabetes.

What is SASI?
It i...

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