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What is the gastric bypass surgery?

is one of the effective methods that a large group of people resort to in search of a safe and quick solution to lose weight, reduce food intake and reduce food absorption after their continuous attempts to lose weight in several ways. Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is one of the effective methods that many people have resorted to in recent times.
To get rid of obesity or excess weight permanently, by making small incisions in the abdomen through which part of the stomach is isolated,
And connect the other part to the last third of the intestine, and this connection works not to absorb 70% of the food eaten,
Reducing the stomach also reduces the amount of food eaten, helps not to feel hungry, and increases the burning rate to ten times.

How is gastric bypass surgery performed?

The surgery limits the amount of food that can be eaten and reduces the absorption of calories into the blood.
This technique relies on cutting the stomach and reconnecting the remaining part of it to the last third of the intestine;
To reduce the degree of absorption by the body of food and thus get fewer calories and also reduce the amount of food,
Which in turn helps to get rid of excess weight.

This surgery goes through two steps:

-First step: It isolates a group of hormones that have a negative effect on the pancreas and the health of the body in general,
And by isolating it, its activity stops, which in turn improves the performance and activity of the pancreas a lot, which contributes to the elimination of diabetes
And reduce the patient's appetite for food and give him a sense of satiety after eating a small amount of food.

-Second step: This step is to connect the stomach at a distance of 2 meters from the intestine, and this works on the poor absorption of food by the body,
So the patient can eat whatever he wants without fear of gaining weight or increasing blood sugar.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass for diabetics

How does gastric bypass surgery cure diabetes?

The operation proved effective in curing diabetes, which is divided into two types:

Type 1: It is what a person is born with and is due to the hereditary factor, which results in the inactivity of pancreatic cells and the inactivity of the pancreas’s performance.

Type 2: It is the most common type that affects humans after middle age.

How does gastric bypass operation eliminate diabetes?

تعمل Laparoscopic gastric bypass for diabetics works to get rid of diabetes, whether the patient is obese or not,
Where the doctor determines the size of the part that is isolated from the stomach, if the patient suffers from excessive obesity and a very large increase in weight
The part that contains harmful hormones is isolated while reducing the size of the stomach, but if he is an ideal weight and does not suffer from obesity and only wants to recover from diabetes
Only the harmful hormones are isolated without reducing the size of the stomach, through the same steps mentioned previously, which go through two stages:

First stage: Isolation of hormones that have a negative effect on the pancreas,
By isolating these hormones, the activity and performance of the pancreas improves a lot and returns to its normal performance and activity.

Second phase: The stomach is connected at a distance of 2 meters from the intestine, and as it is known, the first 120 cm of the intestine is responsible for glucose absorption
Thus, connecting the stomach at a distance of 2 meters makes the body not absorb sugars and therefore eat what it wants without increasing weight or increasing blood sugar.

The surgery cures type 1 diabetes by 75% and type 2 by 100%.
The doctor also controls the distance between the stomach and intestines. In cases of obesity, the stomach is connected 2 meters from the intestine.
In cases of ideal weight, the goal of the operation is not to lose weight, but to cure diabetes, the stomach is connected only 120 cm away.

Advantages of gastric bypass surgery

There are many advantages of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery such as:

  • The patient does not feel any pain, and being laparoscopic makes it very safe, and the patient recovers quickly and begins to move and walk on the same day of the surgery.
  • The patient leaves the hospital after two days and goes about his normal life within four weeks.
  • It works to completely cure diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2.
  • Lose weight in an ideal and safe way, as a person reaches his ideal weight within a year.
  • It does not cause hair loss or general weakness in health, as is common, because the size of the stomach grows
    Gradually after a period of operation to be able to fill the needs of food.

What are the conditions for conducting a gastric bypass surgery?

  • The patient's age should be from 18 to 56 years.
  • Your body mass index must be above 40.
  • Blood pressure must be balanced.
  • The absence of any kind of allergy resulting from some of the medicines that are taken.

What is the eating regimen after gastric bypass surgery?

Diet after gastric bypass surgery is an important part of the success of the surgery.
In addition, the patient cannot go back to eating immediately after the operation, but it must be done gradually through:

  • Liquid diet: This diet consists of the first step and is based on liquids, unsweetened juices, and skimmed milk.
    This helps to gradually return to eating.
  • The second stage begins with eating mashed and filtered foods, and this stage usually begins as soon as the patient feels that his ability to eat those foods has increased.
    This may be in the second week of the operation.
    Mashed foods include “lean ground meat,
    Soft fruits, well cooked vegetables and cottage cheese”

    With a commitment to wait 30 minutes to start taking any drink after you finish eating.
  • After a few weeks of eating Mashed foods, it is possible to start eating soft foods, but in the form of small, easy-to-chew pieces.
    These include “small or minced pieces of meat, fruit without seeds or peel, and cooked vegetables.”
  • The fourth and final stage includes returning to eating normally, but despite that there are some foods that must be avoided
    Such as “nuts and grains, soft drinks, sticky or fibrous vegetables, such as celery, broccoli, corn or cabbage,
    Solid meats or meats containing cartilage, fried foods”, as they cause some symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Dr. Mohamed Tag is considered the best bariatric surgeon in Egypt who performs gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and bipartition surgeries with high efficiency.
So that the patient achieves guaranteed and safe results throughout the operation period, after conducting all the necessary examinations for the patient and relying on all modern devices.

Dr Mohamed Tag
Bachelor of Medicine , Al-Azhar University offers very good with honors December 2003 master's degree (in science)

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