SASI (loop bipartition) surgery cost 

Do you suffer from diabetes? Is obesity a major problem for you, and a major obstacle to recovery?
The SASI (loop bipartition) represents an important medical solution for diabetes, because this disease is mainly related to obesity, and if it is eliminated,
The chances of recovery from the symptoms of diabetes will increase, so this surgery and its results are great for all diabetics.

What is the SASI surgery?

The surgery depends on a gastric sleeve and then a gastric bypass, so that food is transferred to the intestine through a special path,
That is why doctors call it a loop bipartition, and it differs from the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, which removes a large part of the stomach. 

This surgery aims to not absorb food significantly and thus not to obtain large calories that may harm the body and increase complications of diabetes,
Thus, one of the results of the surgery is a permanent recovery from diabetes, especially type II.

The surgeon performs the surgery through the laparoscopic technique, where he makes small incisions in the abdomen that are heard entering the endoscope
In order to remove part of the stomach and then correct the path of food directly into the intestine.

One of the successful SASI surgeries by Dr. Mohamed Tag

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SASI (loop bipartition) surgery cost in Egypt

As for the cost of the SASI operation, it varies from one place to another, and from one doctor to another, as the cost is determined by the doctor and the hospital in which the operation will be performed.
The cost of the anesthesiologist, the examinations and analyzes that were performed, and the periodic examination and follow-up after the operation.

SASI (loop bipartition) surgery cost

And you can contact Dr. Mohamed Tag El-Din, consultant of bariatric and laparoscopic surgeries in Egypt, to book and learn about the appropriate operation for your case. 

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Advantages of the SASI surgery

The SASI operation has many advantages, as it treats many negative health manifestations that affect health, such as:

  • Getting rid of excess weight and obesity that affects the body, as it eliminates within months or a year after the surgery about 70% of the excess weight,
    In the event that the patient follows the medical instructions at the post-operative stage.
  • تقضي SASI (loop bipartition) surgery The SASI operation eliminates some of the complications that the patient suffers from due to obesity
    Such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, shortness of breath and high blood pressure,

    And some reproductive problems in women.
  • For diabetic patients, the operation represents a great hope for recovery from diabetes, especially type II.
    It helps the pancreas to work efficiently in order to secrete more insulin,
    This is in addition to reducing calories, which will reduce the high level of sugar in the blood cells.

Conditions for performing the SASI surgery

The operation can be performed on the following groups:

  • Obese patients who are not less than 18 years old and not more than 65 years old.
  • Obese patients who have a body mass index greater than 35.
  • Obese patients with some serious health complications
    Such as type 2 diabetes or blood pressure disorders and others.

any way; The examinations and analyzes carried out by the specialized are considered essential to know the health status of the patient before the operation.

To know the details of the SASI surgery and reservations
Dr. Mohamed Tag El-Din Center is considered the best place and the best price for this operation, as he holds a doctorate in obesity and diabetes surgery and Gastric bypass surgery And the best for SASI surgery because he has 12 years of experience in obesity surgeries 

Dr Mohamed Tag
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